Jay Brannan To Perform Tonight In Tel-Aviv Israel

One of the music industry's most hidden voices (and my new best friend) Jay Brannan, phenomenal singer/songwriter and star of the dauntless flick Shortbus, will perform a rare show this evening in Tel-Aviv Israel. So, in case you happen to find yourself far away enough from the Palestinian turmoil, yet close enough to smell the salt on the beautiful banks of the Mediterranean Sea, and wealthy enough to blow the modest sum of 60 Israeli shekels on an unusual evening of charming American pop, well then, you should absolutely check out my man. Jay, are you my man?

Tel-Aviv Cinematheque
2 Sprinzak Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
Cost: 60-80 new Israeli shekels
Tickets available by phone at +972-3-6060800

Brannan, whose optimal talent can be copped on his Unmastered EP, which we highlighted back in APRIL, performs regularly at Joe's Pub in his home-hood of NYC, and is astonishingly still living life without a label to call home. Its quite possible that the A&R slimers who clock into The Tripwire regularly are either still stoned from Bonnaroo or camping out in Beverly Hills, lusting to sign free agent Paris Hilton with their limp pens. Whatever the typical excuse may be, such tragedies should no longer continue, and to help prove my point, here is an exquisite picture postcard of "Lower My Gun" from Brannan, direct from Israel. L'chaim!

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Jay Brannan To Perform Tonight In Tel-Aviv Israel