The blooming duo of Justice, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, are probably too young to remember that renown sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed the Statue of Liberty National Monument, given to our Yankee doodle dandy country by fellow Eiffel Tower power people from France in 1886, but old enough to manipulate warped sounds and entangled beats that masterfully craft their own monument of electro house.

Managed by the bearded bandit Busy P, shot caller for fellow Parisians Daft Punk and owner of Ed Banger Records, and aided by the flashing radiance of a coruscating cross that stands as the symbol-title on this broiling debut barbeque, Justice are rapidly becoming the pride of "Gay Paris."

The tricky tandem came to prominence in 2003 by remixing Simian's "Never Be Alone," later chopping and re-wrapping speaker blasters by Fatboy Slim, Franz Ferdinand, Soulwax, N*E*R*D, and even the terminally ill Britney Spears, before releasing their debut single in 2005 called "Waters Of Nazareth."

If you shuffle through your dusted memory banks and zoom in on the moment when Kanye West stormed the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards in an appalling display of childish insecurity, the Puffy wannabe was interrupting the acceptance speech of Justice/Simian video director Jeremie Rozan, who was attempting to thank the academy for the Best Video honors.

The libidinous collection on "†" (or cross) aren't as overbearing as Daft Punk nor as suave as Cassius, but are certainly an ingratiating cluster of savvy sounds bursting with fornicating French funk. Ed Banger alum Uffie and her foul tongue slash apart "The Party" while "D.A.N.C.E." slays souls with a sexy homage to the late Michael Jackson who died shortly after the success of Thriller.

"Phantom" is an intense pound of electricity that matches the unimaginable intensity responsible for bringing Lisa to life in the movie Weird Science. Come to think of it, these two kiddos remind me very much of Wyatt and Gary. A couple of unassuming scientists with first class equipment and ludicrous determination to create something sleek and devastating out of thin air. From the looks of them though, I'll bet a carton of freedom fries that Augé and Rosnay look for their perfect beats with berets on their heads instead of brassieres.

"D.A.N.C.E." MP3

"D.A.N.C.E." video