Release Date: 06.19.07

Back in the late '90s I loved the French dance movement. Projects like Air, Cassius, Les Rythmes Digitales and Daft Punk were in heavy rotation in my convertible car stereo. Now, there seems to be a resurgence in that movement with artists likes Justice and grandpappys Daft Punk coming back. I'm happy to say you can now officially add another group to this list, even if the group isn't officially from France.

Their bio reads like a who's who of awesome. Digitalism, who have already created notable remixes for the likes of The Futureheads, Cut Copy, White Stripes, Tom Vek, The Cure, and everyone's love/hate band: The Klaxons, bring a fun danceable rock album to the masses with Idealism. Yes, Astralwerks has always historically been known to bust out the best in the oonce oonce dance jams, and they have done it again with these Germans. (Maybe there is something in the water... hello Kraftwerk!) Starting off with the robotic "Magnets" and the instrumental "Zdarlight," the dance floor beats heavily drop on the rockin' "I Want I Want." Things do slow down a little on the hypnotic "Moonlight" and left-field house crashers "Homezone" and "Jupiter Room." Oh, and my personal favorites? The deep rolling, Shakes-rific "Idealistic," and the New Order-ish, hand-clappable "Pogo." Snazzy.

Idealism is a lively summer record to get the July 4th parties going. The coolest thing about Digitalism's album is that after listening to it, the notion that French music is back on tops is firmly rooted in my brain. I want to jump back in that old red convertible like I had back then and ride off into the sunset (top down of course). Vive la France…and Germany.