Castanets' Gear Ripped Off In Tucson

Of all the stories from bands who have gone through the horrible ordeal of their gear being stolen, Castanets might possibly win for most bizarre. We're curious as to how a member of the band, who was in the van at the time of the theft, slept through it all. Here is the story as to how Castanets' Raymond Raposa turned into Rip Van Winkle and dozed through the break-in, during which they lost their gear, along with instruments belonging to Jana Hunter:

All Our Shit Are Stole

So, the story is, last night we played in Tucson at Solar Culture. Afterward, we loaded our stuff up, went downtown, had a drink, and went to a house to crash on the floor. en route, we damaged a door, making it such that the door won't close and such that eventually, before we return the vehicle to the rental company, we'll have to pay on the order of 2 grand to replace the door.

Seeing as how we had an unsecured vehicle, ray (castanets) slept in the van. sometime during the night, some brave fuck(s) very quietly opened the back door and took what they could carry. We assume their were more than one of them given all the shit they managed to walk away with. We're gathering what serial numbers we can, but in the meantime, here's a rudimentary list:

JH gear
fender classical guitar (ser.#9505151116)
new boss 20xl loopstation
boss reverb/delay pedal
original digitech whammy pedal
original b k butler tubedriver overdrive pedal
peavey 6 mixer (ser.#k0344300)
shure beta 98/s
custom flashlight circuit-bended thing

Castanets gear
late 60's blue fender music master guitar 3/4 scale
line 6 delay pedal
boss tremolo
mutron volume/wah pedal
boss tuner pedal
digitech metal master

Jana Hunter

Castanets' Gear Ripped Off In Tucson