Hope For Men

"Pissed Jeans? Oh, this is a new band on Sup Pop. Is it another sweet indie pop band that will be gentle to my ears?" you ask.

The answer: NO.

For those of you looking for another pretty sounding band out of Sub Pop, turn around, go somewhere else. Pissed Jeans is not for you. However, fans of punk and hardcore are welcome with open arms...pale, hairless, string-beany arms.

This Allentown, PA quartet makes loud, in-your-face noise. Vocalist Matt Korvette screams with despair and passion while guitars screech and wail. This is no kiddy pop punk. It's the kind of hardcore that at the end of a show, the half-naked, sweaty singer is writhing around on the ground beating his head with the mic. Their new album, Hope for Men, is a combination of chaos and humor. It starts off by smacking you in the face with "People Person" a fast, guitar screechy screamer that tells you Pissed Jeans is not fucking around. This tune is only one of the couple of that quick punk rock sound. "Scrapbooking" is a slow, theatrical track filled with sparse piano, bass, echoes, barks, and creaks. Korvette sounds so tortured while squealing about looking at pictures, and cutting the heads off of them. "The Jogger" is dark and eerie, like you're listening to some Native American tribal ritual with pan flutes and some spoken word nonsense about a jogger. Last tune, "My Bed," is an eight-minute hardcore opus closing out the album. The first half has a slow buildup of Korvette groaning about how his bed is an escape from the world. Four minutes in, the song picks up and the straight up rocking begins with riffs galore. In the end, it makes you want to pick up a chair and throw it at the wall.

Pissed Jeans is reminiscent of those bonus tracks on Guitar Hero II, where you've never heard of the song or band before, but their music is hard to play. Yeah, that's what they sound like. For those of you that don't get that nerdy video game reference, they also seem influenced by Black Flag and Scratch Acid, and fans of bands like Fucked Up would like them too.

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