WOXY Goes Silent Again

We weren't kidding when we mentioned on Friday that you need to contact your reps about the internet radio stations' impending doom with the Copyright Royalty Board. By now you all know that Tuesday, June 26 (that's tomorrow as of when this was written) hundreds of online stations are going dark for the day. We already knew about KCRW, Pandora and BAGeL, but you can officially add WOXY to the list. Read the statement from WOXY below:


WOXY.com will be one of many web broadcasters to go silent for one day tomorrow (Tuesday, June 26th 2007) in protest of the Copyright Royalty Board's March 2nd decision to increase the rates for stations like ours. Both WOXY and the WOXY Vintage streams will go silent during the day.

WOXY.com and thousands of other web broadcasters will be alerting their listeners that "silence" is what Internet radio may sound like on or shortly after July 15th, the day on which 17 months' worth of retroactive royalty increase payments are due to the SoundExchange collection organization under the terms of a recent Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision.

To further educate yourself on the issue, check out Save Radio

PLEASE NOTE --- our scheduled Lounge Act session with PALOMAR will be recorded while we are off the air on Tuesday and broadcast at 3pm eastern on WEDNESDAY now.


WOXY Goes Silent Again