Exploding, Impacting

Way back last summer we first introduced you to a little group from Austin called Belaire. We couldn't get enough of their synth-pop and waited anxiously for their debut LP to come out. Finally, on July 6 it will. The group (consisting of twin sisters) originally started in 2004 and soon gained two members (Matt and Jason) of another Tripwire favorite band, Voxtrot.

When first listening to Exploding, Impacting it's not hard to imagine a far off place where the melodies of foreign movies, twee pop, carnival rides and indie dance come into play. What is hard to imagine however is exactly how these different sounds would come together without creating a mess. Belaire succeeds, and with each listen of their new LP I find myself falling for them even more. "Jen," the forty-five second instrumental kicks off the album and is reminiscent of Stereolab, or older Pulp. On the next track, "You Really Got Me Goin'" the sisters' vocals explode in perfect harmony over a gentle guitar and danceable drums. "Waiting Patiently" starts off as a quiet number featuring a xylophone and lush melodies. The foursome has a fun side as well that is seen on the upbeat "Step Step Step," catchy "Don't Delay, Participate!" and "Exploding Impacting" which is chock full of cartoon-ish synths, handclaps and a sing-songy chorus. However it's with cuts like "Shadows Moving On The Wall" and "Madison" where the group puts their best foot forward and shines brightly. Thirty-six minutes in the record ends softly with the piano-laden "Thin Lines," a beautiful and haunting effort.

Maybe I find happiness in Belaire because their sugary sweet pop reminds me of other whimsical bands like Au Revoir Simone or the stylish Tegan and Sara. Or maybe it could be because there is a comforting, welcoming quality to the release that makes this the perfect music to usher in summer. One thing is for sure; we can't wait to see the return of them live on July 6 in Austin.


"You Really Got Me Goin'"

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Exploding, Impacting