Video - The Concretes "Oh Boy"

While we wait patiently for the new album from The Concretes, the rest of the world is laughing because they will get it first. "Oh Boy" is the second single from the band's long-player, Hey Trouble, and the video for it is found below.

Henning Mark and Gustaf Halldin directed the video, which acts as a tour diary. In a message posted on their MySpace page, the group commented, "It contains footage from when we recorded the album, when we shot the video for Kids (oh, meta) to us touring in the US, the UK and Scandinavia to, well, that's it really. Keep an eye out for our beloved producer Jari (he's the skinny grumpy guy), our new drummer Dante (he's the happy bearded guy who isn't Martin), Louie The Driver (he's the equally happy and bearded but slightly older guy) who's the man responsible for us calling the album Hey Trouble, Sonja (the youngest to appear in the video), MÃ¥ns and Chrille (from our lovely crew) to, well, the usual suspects (=us). We hope you like it. We do."

"Oh Boy"
The Concretes

Video - The Concretes "Oh Boy"