Live - Scissors For Lefty, Holly Caust, Marissa Nadler | SF

The San Francisco Gay Pride Main Stage is typically not a venue I do reviews in, but Scissors For Lefty is not a band that is typical. The boys found themselves in charge of closing out the annual festivities behind a faux queen named Anita Cocktail, complete with frilly underwear and choreographed dance numbers. I'd say they had some pretty big shoes - ahem, heels? - to fill.

Possibly playing the shortest set I've ever seen them do (three songs), lead singer Bryan Garza opened up with "Ghetto Ways," working the crowd by teasing zipper pull downs of his jeans and breathing heavily into his mic, a well-received action by the perked and waiting audience. By the time the group reached "Mama Your Boys Will Find Their Way Home," Garza had already stripped down and was wearing a fedora, black skivvies and a giant smile, while other members of the band found their way into orange electrical tape on nipples and into baby blue booty shorts. For such a short set (the festival was running over thirty-five minutes over), the amount of explosive dancing and furious strumming caught many eyes of passer-bys on their way to other after parties and bars. Scissors' music was described by the emcees as "music for boys who like boys, or girls who like girls," but I would argue that their music is for anyone who simply just likes to dance.

After a short sushi dinner we caught a late set by singer songwriter Marissa Nadler at the Polk Gulch's Hemlock Tavern; openers Holly Caust blew their acoustics and dramatic storytelling on strings out of the water, the two friends hunched over on small bar stools picking the hell out of their guitars, low warbles coming every so often from one of them. They set the precedence for Nadler, who arrived in a long dress and approached the edge of the stage with three distortion mics to assist her in her acoustics. Nadler has such a soft yet pertinent anxiety in her voice, like she is in the middle of telling a long adventure and is about to approach the crux of it all. Highlights included my favorite "Lonesome Story Of Daisy" and new material she is touring for. Her folk and whimsy approach to music should make her a favorite amongst the college radio circuit very soon.

Once again, Sunday only proved how much music and sights my city of San Francisco has to offer. Thank you, wonderful city o' mine.

By Jenn Hernandez

Scissors For Lefty
Holly Caust
Marissa Nadler

Live - Scissors For Lefty, Holly Caust, Marissa Nadler | SF