Secret Chorus

Once again - amidst the exhaust fumes - Motor City has a bit of buzz in the air with Freer's independent release of Secret Chorus, an eleven-track case of molotov cocktails thrown from a second story window; pop explosions by way of Jeremy Freer's piano soaked melodies and vocals that have balls, urgency, and sex to them. Their more-meat-than-potatoes songwriting takes you hostage right off the bat with opener "Long Road Home," followed by dizzying one-two punch combos the whole way through in perfectly calculated succession. These are smart boys here with something to say. The arrangements push the hooks up front and center without being afraid to indulge in the unknown at times- short visits of reverbed-out psychedelic lounge on "Anti-Social," bulldozer punk met with grandiose epic guitar rock on numbers like "Snails" and "Carnival Hardcore," while "Taking Me Over" and "I Think You Know" throw subtle glances to Queen, Hall and Oates (in the smoothest way possible), and even comrades OFFICE; bandleader/singer Jeremy Freer and Scott Masson have been friends since Masson's Motown days.

Recorded all over Detroit proper, the record (and band name for that matter) is a celebrated family affair. Brothers Jeremy Freer and Jeffery Freer team up with drummer Nick Adams and guitarist Mike Latcha to deliver the goods the first time around. Our hope is they keep 'em coming, and soon. Cheers to a band that calls the stylistic shots on record and has the nerve to even step it up a notch higher onstage. The band is headed to NYC this weekend (June 30) for a gig with pals Tigercity at The Mercury Lounge as part of the KEXP-sponsored Friction showcase. They also have tentative plans to head back east this fall, but in the meantime, Secret Chorus will make you want to kick a bully's ass, get your dance on, and make out with someone in a closet all at the same time.

"Long Road Home" MP3


Secret Chorus