Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which sounds as silly as any speech that President George W. Bush has ever made, is the sixth studio release from the Austin Texas band Spoon. The lone star quartet, whose namesake came from a diddy penned by the German avant-garde band Can, formed in 1994 and released their debut Telephono on Matador in 1996. For some depressing reason, the blooming boys inked with Elektra, only to watch the magic major league ink disappear after releasing the flop disc A Series Of Sneaks. Daniel would use his attitude to knock out an anger fueled EP titled The Agony of Laffitte which was a direct lunge at the band's A&R joker Ron Laffitte, with blunt lyrics such as "It's like I knew two of you, man / The one before and after we shook hands."

To the satisfaction of kool kiddos standing motionless at 21-and-over shows while dissecting every indie outcast in the snob room, Spoon regained consciousness and found a permanent home on the Durham North Carolina imprint Merge, which has released their last three albums, including 2005's Stranger Than Fiction, which became the musical scene pusher for the movie of the same name. For that Will Ferrell flick where the comedian played the doomed character Harold Glick, Spoon singer/guitarist Britt Daniel teamed with ex-Redd Kross and current Hollywood music supervisor Brian Reitzell (Friday Night Lights, Virgin Suicides) to record original music for the picture.

Despite their success on Fiction, Spoon appear to have retraced the oh so cool steps which they strutted, those soulful spirit shuffle skips the band shook ass to, way back on their 2003 delight Kill The Moonlight. "Don't Make Me A Target" is a molasses groove that helps Daniel spew his political views that chunk along a giddy strip of twittering guitars and hissing keys, ultimately sputtering into a shock and awe instrumental explosion of its own.

"You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" introduces the tambourine for some slick Kinks-like pizzazz. The blasé hand claps and random back-talk recorded on "Don't You Evah", with its demure yet confident 48-second intro over a three and a half minute song, help make it one of the freshest keepers in this opulent cooler. "Eddie's Ragga" is another strike of smoky illumination by the hand of a lonely grifter in a dim lit New York City subway station. "My Japanese Cigarette Case" is yet another clangorous ball of well manicured brazenness like a doughty feline in the wild, teasing the lions of the pack with her bountiful tail, then swiping it away as she prances off into the shadowy jungle.

Its pretty damn good to be able to say that I like Spoon again. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga feels scratchy and clamorous like the beginning addiction to a lifetime of nicotine. The grooves are much more menacing than previous records, yet the level of absolute chill continues to puzzle even the greatest global warming scientists. Spoon is a special band who mystifies while being tranquil yet hazardous. Just like a doughty feline in the wild.

"You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb"

"The Underdog"




Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga