Download - New Remixes From Fields.

Have you checked out the latest release from the band Fields.? Please do it now - seriously! It's that good. I don't lie when it comes to music...well, sometimes. Hey you know what I'm talking about. Mom introduces you to a family friend as "being in the music business". The next thing rocketing out of the piehole is, " daughter's boyfriend is in a band. I'll have her send you music." NO WAY JOSÉ GONZALEZ. That's when you lie, let them down gently and make mom swear to NEVER do that again.

Anway, Fields. is a band that we adore around here. And it turns out that the band's camp is making available some pretty nifty remixes of a few of the tracks off their record Everything Last Winter (Black Lab/Atlantic). Pinning the red were Badlands, SebastiAn (of the Ed Banger crew) and Ewan Pearson (Bloc Party, Goldfrapp, etc).

Try these on for size and then buy the record!

"Song For The Fields" (Ewan Pearson Remix) MP3

"If You Fail, We All Fail" (SebastiAn Remix) MP3

"If You Fail, We All Fail" (Badlands Remix) MP3

Download - New Remixes From Fields.