We Are The Night

If I called the Chemical Brothers the greatest electronic tandem on the face of the (exit) planet (dust) earth would anyone label me a liar? Daft Punk reaches an altitude of altered robotic motion measures and the heavens know we have yet to recover from the horrific deaths of The Prodigy, Crystal Method, and Fatboy Slim, who all died years ago in the worst techno plane crash since Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. We Are The Night is the sixth studio release from Chemical Tom Rowlands and Chemical Ed Simons who share no blood ties with the former Ba'athist Iraqi minister of defense, Chemical Ali. Although this stock pile of destructive mass lacks the powerhouse of home run hitters Noel Gallagher, Hope Sandoval, Kele Okereke, or Tim Burgess, all of whom knocked out dingers on various Chem blasts in the past, We Are The Night does feature a diverse list of special guests such as Fat Lip from The Pharcyde, The Klaxons, Midlake and Willy Mason.

After a minute's worth of preliminary audio, which I later realized was a bastardized chorus lifted from a song found way deeper in this lovely electronic wound possessing the voice of American alt/country charmer Willy Mason, whose sweet harmony of "There's No Path To Follow" gives way to a tidal wave of Chems who unleash their brimming power with the immediate devourer "We Are The Night."

"Burst Generator," "Saturate," "A Modern Midnight Conversation," are vintage Chems, whatever that means. Expensive prescriptions of quality beats and premium noises that continue to be accepted in the mainstream and underground of this wide wide world like a goddamn American Express card.

"All Right's Reversed" features the spookish supplements of The Klaxons for a creep session which scared me like the first time I hid under the covers during Children Of The Corn. Klaxons voice box Jamie Reynolds is the reincarnation of a young Bowie, at least on this track, contributing a sinister refrain that deafens mad brains with "it never stops, and no one's stopping."

"Do It Again" features the light voice of a man obviously born without testicles, Ali Love, sounding like a pyrite replica of Justin Timberlake on FutureSex / LoveSounds.

"The Salmon Dance" is the dopey result of an excruciating hot box session wherein them Chems and Fat Lip from The Pharcyde toked and smoked until their brain cells combusted to dust for an amusing result as collectible as a Biz Markie, BS200, or Wesley Willis fiasco.

The stylized prance down the marbled streets of insanity voiced by the wonderful wizard of weird Willy Mason heard on "Battle Scars" along with "The Pills Won't Help You Now" featuring additional noise from indie Texans Midlake, are the sister sweet treats on the morning after pillow of this memorable one nighter. The tender fingering of chimes on "Pills" reminds the mind of a time when Joy Division did a similar thing when Martin Hannett forced them to record "Atmosphere."

Although it doesn't kill your whole family like a steroid shooting shit-for-brains professional wrestler, We Are The Night is a divine record with spectacular guest collaborations from a haywire pair of Grammy award winning electronic technicians who year after year, rekkid after reck-chord refuse to stink up your room like a week old toilet full of unflushed barf.

"All Rights Reversed"

The Chemical Brothers

We Are The Night