It's Maritime!

Maritime, the third best export from Milwaukee, behind the Brewers and Miller Brewing Company, will release their third album Heresy And The Hotel Choir on Flameshovel Records October 16. The follow up to the 2006 release We, The Vehicles will mark the first true collaboration between former kingpins of The Promise Ring, singer/guitarist Davey von Bohlen and drummer Dan Didier, with permanent Maritimers Justin Klug (ex-Decibully) on bass and guitarist Dan Hinz. Klug replaces the bearded face of D.C. bassist Eric Axelson, who left the band to pursue teaching interests and to form the band with just about everyone from his old crew The Dismemberment Plan called Statehood.

Heresy And The Hotel Choir marks the first time that all members of the power pop brigade collectively penned a record, which was produced by Stuart Sikes, whose clientele consists of The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power, amongst others.

Maritime will spend this week of American independence overseas, performing a soft handful of European gigs before swinging back stateside for the Wicker Park Summerfest in Chicago on July 28.

Maritime Drummer and longtime pal of The Tripwire Dan Didier will be posting exclusive reports from the dairy land band's brief European stint, which begins tonight in Potsdam. Here is the first post from Diddy, along with some old time musical memories from not so long ago.

by Dan Didier

She said, "What book are you bringing to read?"

I said, "I'm not bringing a book to read"

She said "What do you mean you aren't bringing a book to read"

I said "I'm not bringing a book to read because I am almost done with the book I am currently reading and don't want to finish it just to carry it around for the rest of the trip.

She said "Oh." "What about bringing 'Happiest Toddler on the Block'"

I said "Why? Do you want me to read 'Happiest Toddler on the Block'?"

She said "Sort of. I'm reading it."

I said "Okay, I'll bring 'Happiest Toddler on the Block'."

And with that I was off.

I've been to Europe many times but for some reason leaving this time was one of the hardest.

If it wasn't for the fact that I am leaving my wife and our 14 month old daughter at a fun time in her development (my toddler's, not my wife's) I would generally be excited to go. Granted, I am leaving for quite possibly the easiest one week tour I've ever done (I know, I will only be gone for a week. Buck up soldier, right?); three festivals shows, where we will be on a bus, and two club shows, where we will be traveling with a good friend. But for some reason I just can't shake the missing and the longing feeling of being away from home.

The flights went fine (Milwaukee to Newark, Newark to Hamburg) considering we nearly missed our connecting flight at Newark due to heavy flight volume and weather. In hindsight after arriving safely you forget about the horrendous turbulence, annoying service, lousy food (although the "Indian food" they served as their vegetarian option was okay), and cramped legs.

But, I'll be honest with you, I'm not a good sleeper. In order for me to sleep on tour I need to have four Tylenol PMs, ear plugs, and a pillow over my face and that's when I am in a hotel room in a, sometimes, comfy bed. And even then I still can't seem to go down. So, it is out of the question to think I can sleep on a plane. After reading a few chapters of Harvey Karp, M.D.'s book that I brought along I ended up watching anything and everything they threw at me. "The Astronaut Farmer?" Bring it on. "She's the Man?" Child's play. An episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond?" Gulp, uh, okay. But, I have to admit, I still laugh and get choked up. I don't know if it is the fact that I'm just happy that we haven't crashed yet or just glad to be on the proverbial open road... again.

The first day was spent in Hamburg. Nothing too exciting happened as we waited until midnight to get on the bus for Friday's show in Potsdam. Just walked around the St. Pauli area of Hamburg and when the time was right we loaded into two taxis and headed to our European label's office. Upon arrival we had a quick reunion with everyone at the label and the band Kettcar who are headlining the Fest van Cleef festival that we are here to play. It's a festival put on by our label European label Grand Hotel van Cleef thats a three day affair that hosts bands from the label and bands that are friends of the label and bands that the label are fond of.

Dan Hinz aka Chicken, aka the other Dan, always has a knack of saying either the right thing at the right time or the wrong thing at the wrong time and sometimes this happens simultaneously. So, I will be adding Hinz quotes as I move along. Here's one. Sitting down at our hotel breakfast bar in Hamburg Dan was quoted as complaining "after 8PM German tv is nothing but boobies and ringtones."

"Tearing Up The Oxygen" (from We, The Vehicles)

"Parade Of Punk Rock T-Shirts" (live)

It's Maritime!