Live - The Strange Boys @ Emo's | Austin

Mod! Hip! Rock n' Roll! Come have a rave with the States newest noisemakers, The Strange Boys! (That would look much cooler in bright Technicolor tones)

The Strange Boys are a personal favorite of a few of us here at The Tripwire because they know exactly which buttons to push... the '60s Blues/Rock buttons. I caught the quartet at Emo's for the start of their small tour up the Midwest. What followed was a night full of twisting, shuffling and bobbing.

With the exception of a couple of covers thrown into the set, they played mostly tracks off their newly finished EP (which we will definitely review once we get our paws on it). The Boys' stage presence continues to blossom and their sound gets tighter each time I see them - which makes me want to do the James Brown shuffle more and more every time I hear "Drugs Iggy Drugs" or "Stay At The Window." Keep a look out for more info on these youngsters.

If you like The Kinks, if you like The Yardbirds, if you like reverb and harmonicas, if you like skinny white-boy R&B... check out The Strange Boys.

Tour Dates
07.10.07 - Tulsa, OK (Mooch and Burn)
07.12.07 - Chicago, IL (Betty's Blue Star Lounge)
07.13.07 - Milwaukee, WI (Linneman's)
07.14.07 - Lawrence, KS (The Bottleneck)
07.15.07 - Kansas City, MS (Fred P. Otts)
07.18.07 - Austin, TX (Emo's)


Live - The Strange Boys @ Emo's | Austin