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Audio: Angels of Light, “Black River Song”

July 09, 2007

Former Swan, early Devendra acolyte and general dude-not-to-be-messed-with Michael Gira will release We Are Him under his Angels of Light project (backing band members include the above pictured Akron/Family and about a hundred other folks) in August, but yesterday he made available a free download of second single "Black River Song" over at the Young God site (you can also download foxy Devvy B photos and the new Lisa Germano song). Looking at that photo you might say to yourself, "Nah, hairy white dudes aren't for me," but trust us and the not-so-rock-inclined FADER staffers who rubbernecked when we played this in the office… HAIRY WHITE DUDES ARE MOST CERTAINLY FOR YOU.

MP3: "Black River Song" (right click, save as)

Posted: July 09, 2007
Audio: Angels of Light, “Black River Song”