Download - Film School "Lectric"

The San Francisco/Los Angeles based group Film School will be releasing their new album, Hideout, on September 11 via Beggars. The peeps over at their label sent over the MP3 for "Lectric," a track that will appear on the new LP. This is our first taste of their new material post line-up change, including some pretty sweet female vocals from bassist Lorelei Plotcyzk. It is some dreamy goodness, so check it out below.

The band only has two pre-release shows scheduled in Cali, but more dates are on the way. Once we get 'em, we will definitely pass them along. Until then, here is the track listing.

"Lectric" MP3

01. "Dear Me"
02. "Lectric"
03. "Meanmedian Mode"
04. "Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl"
05. "Must Try Easier"
06. "Two Kinds"
07. "Capitalized I"
08. "Go Down Together"
09. "Compare"
10. "Florida"
11. "Blizzard Scout"
12. "Plots And Plans"
13. "What I Meant To Say"
Film School

Download - Film School "Lectric"