Morrissey Treks On... Sorta

The ever-going saga that is the US Morrissey tour just got a little more complicated. While the tour is back in full swing after the Mozzer's reported vocal problems, there were some major bumps in the road that happened during the rescheduling.

Here's the short of the long: Philadelphia is now happening on July 23 and Atlantic City on July 24. The New York City, Holmdel, Northampton and Baltimore dates have been canceled indefinitely. It appears that those cities' venues had other plans and couldn't get the schedule to work. Tickets are refundable at points of purchase for each of the canceled shows, and the rest of the tour will truck on with stops in Knoxville, Clearwater, Boca Raton and Orlando.

In the meantime, for what it's worth, Morrissey's fans are boycotting David Letterman.


Morrissey Treks On... Sorta