Travis' Selfish Jean Goes Live

In case you have been procrastinating on sending in your acts of selfishness to the Scotish outfit Travis, fear not because you still have a chance.

Frontman Fran Healy posted the announcement on the band's MySpace page, where he said: "Hey All, has just gone live. You will be able to report or confess random acts of selfishness through written confession/report, photographs or video, grade how selfish you think your act was and judge other reports. Once you confess, naturally you'll be asked to repent. You can choose between pounds and penance. There's also a Hall Of Shame to view your fellow grassbags and wrongdoers and a page of cool downloads as a kind of reward for all your hard work. Note that a panel of smug, righteous ex priests will vet all confessions. Videos must be real and not staged."

Actually, even if you have submitted something, now you know what it was used for, so go watch!



Travis' Selfish Jean Goes Live