Video - David Ford "Go To Hell"

David Ford is a jaw-dropping solo artist. If you want to debate me on this, be my guest (renglish [at] I felt it the first time I laid eyes on him. Actually, I wasn't in the physical presence of the almighty Ford guy, it was online. I'll never forget the day - June 16, 2005. A one camera/one take video for "State Of The Union" shot in the basement of his home studio...incredible.

It would be that very same summer, two months later, that I flew to the lovely UK and witnessed the magic in the flesh. Dav played at a joint called the Spitz in the East End of London. I watched the show with two friends and literally after the first song we all looked at each other and mumbled, "is this for real...?" It was simply mesmerizing. In fact, that evening he opened his short six song showcase set (try saying that fast three times) with a very roughed-out version of "Go To Hell".

Fast forward two years, almost to the day and finally the song that sparingly found its way through a few of his sets over those years will see its proper release come next week. David Ford's "Go To Hell" b/w "Requiem" drops on the Independiente label as his warm up single to his new full-length drama entitled Songs For The Road - tentatively due out in the UK October 15. It's safe to say that Ford fans will not be disappointed.

I'm sure the Trip will supply your DF addiction with some sneak peeks leading up to the BIG DAY. For now, enjoy the new visuals from this modern day genius. And again...another one-take masterpiece.

Go To Hell

David Ford


Video - David Ford "Go To Hell"