Net Radio Continues To Fight

Webcasters' fight against increased royalty rates battles on. According to a news article posted on Wired early this morning, online radio has made one tiny step forward in resolving this potentially crippling matter.

The news states that, although the deal is not final, webcasters have been given a window to continue broadcasting while negotiations continue on. The Copyright Royalty Board has been trying to approve a minimum charge of $6,000 per channel, which would easily shut down many of our favorite online radio stations. This would be in addition to royalty payments of $.000762 times the number of songs played per listener from January 1, 2006 to July 1, 2007.

Rather than attempt to explain the whole mess ourselves, jump over to Wired to read on about Web Radio vs. The Man. You can also get more info at Save Net Radio.

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Net Radio Continues To Fight