Fugazi Captured In Pictures For New Book

I may not be a patient boy, but I am a patient girl. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait...

Well, now the wait is over. Most known for following the formative years of hip hop, skateboarding and American hardcore, photographer Glen E. Friedman will be putting out a brand new book titled Fugazi: Keep Your Eyes Open.

The new book will feature never-before-seen photos of the band and will come out September 3, twenty years to the day of Fugazi's first show. Speaking with Boing Boing, Friedman said, "Anyone who orders the book from now until the end of July will receive it postage paid and shipped within 2 weeks (that's at your door as much as a month before the official release)."

Fugazi Book

Fugazi Captured In Pictures For New Book