Joseph Arthur Opens Art Museum

One of the first things that got my interesting into the music of Joseph Arthur wasn't even his music. It was actually his art. Although I enjoyed his debut LP, Big City Secrets, it was the release of Vacancy in '99 that really got my attention. This seven-track mini-album had some of the most fascinating cover art I'd ever seen, and since then I've always been fascinated by the artwork (as well as the music) of the insanely talented Arthur.

He has now taken his art to a whole new level by opening up the MOMAR, or the Museum Of Modern Arthur. With his always expanding mountain of artwork, it will great for the public to finally get to see this other side of his creativity. The MOMAR will be exhibiting Arthur's past and present work, which will be changed up quite frequently, even daily at times.

For fans on the east coast, make sure you head over to the MOMAR in Brooklyn. It is located at 25 Jay Street. To see some pictures of the space, head over to Dumbo NYC's website.

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur Opens Art Museum