Regional Community Theater

LadybiRdS has produced very cute electro-pop that's really enjoyable...if you like being sung to by a baby, and you are an actual baby.

Regional Community Theater is the bastard child of Gym Class Heroes keyboardist Tyler Pursel and singer Teeter Sperber, the duo that makes up LadybiRdS. The electronic beats are sugary and danceable, and Teeter Sperber sounds like she was pulled from a Disney pop teen album. To her credit, she's 30 and looks like what Lindsay Lohan wants to look like in ten years, so kudos to that. For those of you not 'in the know' of the band Pursel comes from, Gym Class Heroes is a Hip-Hop group, with a live band, and is friends with bands like Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy. In other words, it's poppy Hip-Hop for white suburban kids that don't normally like Hip-Hop. Already sounds awesome, huh?

Back to the matter at hand, Regional Community Theater is essentially electro-pop for beginners. It starts off with "Slice Our Hands." Goth sounding, right? It's quite the opposite. Backed by a simple beat, Sperber sings about how she's "searching for something beautiful/for something perfect." It was like listening to an edgier Hilary Duff, but equally as bubblegum and cotton candy. Aiding in some of the vocals are friends from other bands. One of the more memorable tunes is "Maxim and the Headphone Life," where we get a dose of Max Bemis, the singer of the band Say Anything (...ugh, I know), in which the song pretty much sounds like a Mates of State reject track. The last tune, "You Are The Torro King" is, by far, the best one on this album. Interestingly enough, it's an instrumental and the one of the shortest songs on the record. Lead entirely by a distorted drum beat with darker sounds of synthesizers, vintage electro-accordion, bells, glitches, bird-noises, bubbling water; it has more depth in 2:52 than in all ten songs prior to it. The rest of the album is filled with cute Nintendo inspired thumps and noises, and Postal Service influenced production. It's all very...precious.

The band acknowledges their sticky sweet sound. They've described themselves as "...a Cyndi Lauper superfan meets a cupcake-pop version of the Postal Service - on diet pills..." Sure. Whatever. It's perfect for the Alternative Press subscribing teenager that calls Green Day 'old-school' punk...who just wants to dance! LadybiRdS does a good job in that department of mindless fun. Be aware, however, if you admit to liking them, your indie-cred is immediately shot. That is unless you preface it with the term "guilty pleasure."

"You Are The Torro King"


Regional Community Theater