Live - The Decemberists @ Summerstage | NYC

The Decemberists and Central Park Summer Stage - a combo worthy of the likes of lemonade and waterslides, tank tops and short shorts, and margaritas on the beach. As if the golden sunset couldn't have made for a more picture-perfect evening, a seer-sucker suited Colin Meloy took the stage to the tune of "July, July," an early indication of the carefree evening to come. Sticking to much of their most recent release The Crane Wife, the band whipped the crowd into continued frenzies with each successive use of odd nautical terms and tales of the band's various characters.

Perhaps getting too caught up in his homegrown tales, Meloy and friends made an early departure off stage, only to realize their set was a bit too short and sweet (curfew fines at Summerstage are rumored to be quite hefty). Returning with excitement, and perhaps some magic pixy dust, the band leader demanded each member of the audience sit and silence themselves in an effort to coax his fellow band mates to sleep during a rousing rendition of "Chimbly Sweep." Requisite favorite "Mariner's Revenge" was the finale, and the charisma-drenched Decemberists exited the stage, promptly and perfectly at 10 PM sharp.

The Decemberists


Live - The Decemberists @ Summerstage | NYC