Fewer Moving Parts

If you rock Agnostic Front or don't believe in God one single smidge of a bit then you best not collect anything from David Bazan because the former voice box of Pedro The Lion is all about J.C. The singer/songwriter from Edmonds Washington, who also leads the band Headphones, put together his first solo EP Fewer Moving Parts while enjoying downtime as a touring member of the band The Undertow Orchestra (Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel).

This ineffable collection of five rock songs plus five acoustic versions of those same tame zingers, came out one year ago on Barsuk. Since we just featured the reissue of Bazan's label mate Nada Surf, I figured that I might as well shine a light on this crimson collection of spiritual serenity. The idea of recording the same songs for an EP, electric and acoustic, is a mild turn on, especially for heads who have Pedro The Lion tunes from It's Hard To Find A Friend, Winners Never Quit, Control, and Achilles Heel downloaded in their permanent memory play lists.

Bazan, whose label homes range from Made In Mexico, Suicide Squeeze, Jade Tree, Tooth & Nail, has always been a heartfelt performer capable of making King Kong squeeze a tear out of his devilish eyeball with an incandescent passion which comes from none other than Jesus Christ, who constantly appears on the Pacific Northwesterner's recordings as if the Christian holy man were P Diddy.

These are a solid batch of keepers from Bazan that somehow JUST made it to my desk, and possibly fell under your radar as well, so now is the time to go back and grab yourself this hearty portion of felicity. "How I Remember," both electric and acoustic, is a thrashing rush of guitars that smash the myth of Christians not being able to rock with more grace and affection than the band Stryper.

An anticipated full length of new tunes with the moniker "David Bazan's Black Cloud" is rumored to be birthed by Barsuk in 2008, but until then, here's a live version of "Cold Beer And Cigarettes" stripped from a show earlier this year in Los Angeles California.

"Cold Beer And Cigarettes" (live)

Full album stream HERE

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Fewer Moving Parts