Live - The Polyphonic Spree @ El Rey | LA

Another sold out show for the Polyphonic Spree. As most everyone knows, the Spree has changed outfits from the cult-like white robes to black military uniforms in reflection of their latest album The Fragile Army. They wear it so well. They even look like they could do more in pants than they could in robes, and their choreographed dancing is even better and sharper in the black outfits. It's been a few years since I've seen them, and since then, all the choir members are women now. Where'd the guys go?

Glorious, sweaty maestro Tim DeLaughter stands on a pedestal, fronting his army and revving up the crowd. It's really a beautiful thing when an LA crowd band together as if to say, "Fuck it! We're going to clap in unison," and that they did. During the last song before the encore, the audience was singing, "All in good time, raise our voices" over and over again. DeLaughter is the only frontman I know to make a crowd like this sing and sway together.

DeLaughter says something about how life throws you a curveball, and they sing their last song. For the encore, they throw quite a curveball. The Spree comes through the crowed from the back of the venue in their white robes. The old hippie, sunshine Polyphonic is back on stage shoving love in our brains. This is the longest, greatest encore I've seen in a long time lasting about seven or eight songs, finishing off with hits like "Soldier Girl," "Hold Me Now," "Light and Day," Nirvana's "Lithium," not to mention all the drum and piano solos.

This was a special show dedicated to former manger of Tripping Daisy, and Hollywood Records rep Eric Ferris, who is diagnosed with cancer. The band was taking donations all around the venue, and DeLaughter even got a little choked up when talking about it. The crowed sympathized, donated, and loved every minute of the spirited show.

You can read what I type, or you can just watch it here. Polyphonic Spree performing "Lithium":

"American Dream"
"Running Away"
"Hanging Around"
"Get Up and Go"
"It's The Sun"
"Light to Follow"
"Younger Yesterday"
"The Fragile Army"
"La La"
"Middle of the Day"
"Watch Us Explode/Justify"
"We Crawl"
"The Championship"
"Together We're Heavy"
"When The Fool Becomes a King"
"Soldier Girl"
"Light and Day"
"Ride Captain Ride"
"Hold Me Now"
"Best Part"

The Polyphonic Spree


Live - The Polyphonic Spree @ El Rey | LA