New Order Never Broke Up

In the continuing saga that is New Order, we all heard about the demise of the band. Apparently this isn't the case, and the other two-thirds have spoken up about the matter. We haven't heard of this much on-again-off-again drama since we were watching Ross and Rachel in 9th grade. Oof. Peep the official statement from Bernard and Stephen here:

"After 30 years in a band together we are very disappointed that Hooky has decided to go to the press and announce unilaterally that New Order have split up. We would have hoped that he could have approached us personally first. He does not speak for all the band, therefore we can only assume he no longer wants to be a part of New Order. Whatever happens musically or otherwise, New Order have NOT split up, they continue to exist. New Order will be making no further comment about this matter.
-Bernard and Stephen"

New Order


New Order Never Broke Up