Rogue Wave Prep Third LP

Last year was a rough one for Rogue Wave. From a kidney transplant to a death in the family and a label change, most bands would throw in the towel. Such wasn't the case for the Californians who plan on releasing a new LP this fall.

Rogue Wave's newest album, Asleep At Heaven's Gate is slated for a September 18 release, this time on Brushfire Records. Produced by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney, Elvis Costello) and Zack Rogue, it's the third release from the band and it will contain 12 tracks. Additionally it will host guest appearances by Matthew Caws from Nada Surf and John Vanderslice.

Not too much is out there to report on it yet, but once it is rest assured that we will let you know!

Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave Prep Third LP