Live - Belaire @ Waterloo Records | Austin

The last time I went to an in-store at the famed Waterloo Records I was still in college on a spring break trip to SXSW. Looking around at the amazing (and cheap) vinyl selection while my crew was waiting for the Belaire instore to start, I remembered how much fun they could be.

Austin's Belaire, a band we have been diggin' for a while now, took the stage with tiny toy instruments and proceeded to play some of the tunes off their new album. This incarnation of the group saw Jason and Cari with Jennifer, a fill-in member from Yellow Fever. Some of the highlights included "You Really Got Me Goin'," "Waiting Patiently," "Step Step Step," "Exploding Impacting" and "Filling In The Cracks Of Time." Check out some of the snaps and pick up their debut LP, Exploding Impacting, out now on Indierect Records.



Live - Belaire @ Waterloo Records | Austin