Live - Morrissey @ Borgata Theater | Atlantic City

After a 2+hour drive from Manhattan, we got to the Borgata Theater about fifteen minutes before Morrissey went on (great timing). First off, the theater was super small, I would guess there were no more than 1,500 people in there, many of whom seemed a little sleepy at first (guess that's what you get for a re-scheduled show that lands on a Tuesday night in a casino). But as soon as Morrissey came out the place lit up and actually got pretty rowdy. We got right up to the front somewhat easily and he launched into "Panic" for the opener, and then straight into "First of the Gang to Die," which was one of the best songs that night, mainly because the band sounded great and Moz got pretty animated during it, whipping and lassoing his mic cord around. A lot of the frustration I had for him canceling the Manhattan show at the Garden (I had floor seats!) quickly vaporized, and I was pretty much grinning from ear to ear the entire show.

He was pretty talkative throughout the set, ad-libbing and offering the mic between songs to people in the front and doing quick question-answer exchanges. There was one fan next to me who had a young boy on his shoulders the entire night and Moz asked the boy his name and he said "Kyle." Moz then said "Ah.. Carlos?" and the boy said "Kyle" again but louder but at that point Moz had pulled the mic away and the band started playing the next song. At another break he muttered "Atlantic City... of all places...". And as per usual during any Morrissey show is the shirt tossing, where Moz takes it off, throws it in the crowd, and the shirt becomes shredded lettuce in a matter of seconds from all the crazies ripping it apart. He went through three shirts.

Other highlights were "Disappointed," "The National Front Disco," and especially "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want," during which everyone fell silent and seemed in rapture, locked and hanging on his gestures. The crowd grew more and more fanatical towards the end (maybe realizing the gravity of the show being his last US appearance for a while), and by the time he was closing with "Last of the Famous International Playboys" it got downright frenzied. Fans up front started collectively attempting to carry out a major stage invasion despite the 7-8 guards ready to pounce on any trespassers. Some were more successful than others (one struggling girl actually had Moz grab her hand and help her up onstage), and by then the whole place was erupting, and the crowd was gleefully insane. You could even see Moz was starting to plan his escape/juke moves from the rabid fans that were on their way up to him. It was pretty amazing, almost like someone trying to fend off his own allure, despite singing (pleading?) "I am human and I need to be loved.." only minutes earlier.

Video - Stage rush during the show (Watch a little past the halfway point. One guy gets absolutely creamed by the security guard.)

Photos and video by Gabe Kuo



Live - Morrissey @ Borgata Theater | Atlantic City