Live - Scissors For Lefty @ Emo's Lounge | Austin

I remember growing up in Texas and the summers were sweaty, hot and humid. Thanks to the recent switch in climate (you can't escape the media), Texas has now seen flooding rains and cool temperatures... and its messing up our concert experience. Last night was supposed to be a Stubbs-athon with Travis playing the outdoor stage and a special after party inside Stubbs with Scissors For Lefty. Unfortunately because of the rain instead of BBQ, Shiner and two awesome bands, the show was moved to two different venues. Travis was sent to La Zona Rosa, and Scissors For Lefty to the strangely non-smelly Emo's Lounge.

The abbreviated set and last minute change didn't damper the spirits of the San Francisco band, one that was vibrant and insanely energetic once on stage. They ripped through a quick set including several tracks from their Eenie Meenie debut, Underhanded Romance. Some of the songs were "Next To Argyle," "Lay Down Your Weapons," and "Ghetto Ways." However, Scissors For Lefty also showed their "alter ego" as they called it, with slower jams "X's Are Forever," as well as another track they don't play often that isn't on the new album. At one point several of the members even managed to hop off the stage and come out in the audience, still able to perform and dance up a storm.
Scissors For Lefty


Live - Scissors For Lefty @ Emo's Lounge | Austin