Video - Black Lips "Katrina"

Black Lips will release their first proper studio recording for Vice on September 11 with the boogey-ass-explosion known as Good Bad Not Evil. When we're not spitting brew all over the ATLiens at the Pony Club in Seattle America or soaping our rubber duckies in the bathtub to the sadistic sounds of the Tijuana Mexican madness found on Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo, we're spinning the shit out of "Cold Hands" on repeat, always. We love how this US band is killing in the UK singles market and kind of wish that our country understood the music as much as the dwindling dollar, but digress we shall.

The Tripwire is proud to deliver another morsel of carbon monoxide emanating from the tweeked-out garage of Black Lips, in living color. Check the new video, complete with prosthetic limb drumming and super keen placement advertising for Ray Ban sunglasses, without one single excretion! Oh, and we'll even throw in the track listing for Good Bad Not Evil just because we can, as we remind you that the Lips will tour our obese country in the Fall to support their record as they incinerate amplifiers and squirt volumes of human "something" in the front rows of audiences nationwide like a goddamn Gallagher show.

Good Bad Not Evil
September 11, 2007 (VICE)

Veni Vidi Vici
Good Bad Not Evil
Lock and Key
How Do You Tell a Child that Someone Has Died?
Bad Kids
Step Right Up
Cold Hands
Off the Block
Slime & Oxygen
Transcendental Light

"Katrina" video directed by Daniel Eskils.

And if live performances tickle your pickle more, then check this live clip from Logan Auditorium in Chicago 2007:

Video - Black Lips "Katrina"