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Welcome to a new monthly feature here on The Tripwire. Every month, we will be highlighting a different band or artist that we are currently obsessing over. Each week we will add something new, such as an interview, exclusive audio/video, etc. You have probably noticed that the large image at the top of the site now features Via Audio. From now on, you can click there to access our On The Cover area. For our premier, we've selected the New York/Boston based Via Audio. Their new album, Say Something, will be released on September 25 via SideCho Records.

The band's beginnings started in 2003, when vocalist/guitarist Jessica Martins, guitarist Tom Deis and bassist Lizmi met at college in Boston. Within a year, they started performing and released a self-titled EP. After discovering their tunes on MySpace, Death Cab For Cutie's Chris Walla flipped out, calling them his favorite new band.

Via Audio eventually hooked up with Jim Eno, drummer for the one and only Spoon. Eno recorded Say Something over two weeks in Austin, and the results speak for themselves. Head over to Via Audio's MySpace page to get a sample of a few of the tunes.

To get things started, we'll begin with our exclusive photo shoot with the band. Check back next week for more from Via Audio, including the band's studio diary.

Photos By Dorothy Hong

Via Audio

On The Cover - Via Audio