Hooky Reconfirms That New Order Is No More

Of all the bands to have a rocky end, New Order is a bit of a shock. The battle between bassist Peter Hook and his (former) bandmates Bernard Sumner & Stephen Morris. Round one went to Hooky, who declared that New Order had indeed broken up. Round two went to Sumner and Morris, who countered stating that New Order was still alive, even if Hook no longer wanted to be a part of it.

Well kids, the mighty Hooky responded on his MySpace page, and it is a doozy. Apparently, he is putting his foot down, crushing any possibilities of the band continuing on without him. Is the end of his message a threat of legal action? Hmmmm. Read it for yourself below. We're pretty sad to see the end of such a legendary group as New Order turn nasty. Hopefully they'll be able to hug it out...

Well im here at last with my statement! im travellin round america at the moment so its difficult for me to reply properly> Ive decided to tell the whole story? so itll be an amusing? insight into how groups work...

FIRST. Damning me for doing something as in not coming to you personally? and then doin the same thing , never heard of two wrongs dont make a right?

My god if i was to list my disappointments with this group id miss my plane to frisco.My first thoughts were very angry but now ive slept on it or not rather its sadness really ! this is getting political and personal so here goes......................

SECOND. never assume anything! This group has SPLIT UP! you are no more new order than i am! you may have two thirds but dont assume you have the rights to do anything NEW ordery cos you dont ive still got a third! But am open to negotiation.

THIRD. Just in case you hadnt noticed weve not had a "PERSONAL" relationship for a long time now...years in fact! whenever you contact me its through the management(like hale and pace eh?) i did exactly the same you all knew what was happening re the split! in FEBRUARY! using cannes and mojo as some excuse to at last get your own back is wrong.

FOURTH. i have never spoken on your behalf i wouldnt presume to. i spoke for myself WE HAVE SPLIT! as traceyBB would say "deal wiv it!so as one third of ex new order im off to gate 36 and pizza hut. ive got a lot to tell you all but this has worn me out for a while so normal; service will be resumed as soon as possible!

See you in court! love hookyx

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Hooky Reconfirms That New Order Is No More