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Song of the Year: Kia Shine, "Tech Game"

It's hard to tell which direction the transaction flowed, doesn't really matter, but "Tech Game" is most certainly a form of payment between Kia Shine and his local Memphis Geek Squad. Scenario went one of two ways: Kia, anxious to capitalize on the success of "So Krispy," attempts to customize his Facebook with animated gifs of himself trying on sweatshirts, shit gets all fucked up, dumps his "Raps" file while option+dragging unflattering shots, panicky call goes out to Geek Squad, Geeks show up, one pretends to have a hard time restoring data while the other installs video cam in Kia's sister's shower, Kia's short on cash, offers to pay in rhymes, "Tech Game." Or, Kia calls Geek Squad after running across trouble installing new network router (Sunday WarCraft seshes), Geeks show up, spill Sobe on Kia's Playstation, Kia enraged, Geek Squad offers rhymes as restitution, "Tech Game." Either way, Kia calls T-Mix (Cash Money) for a beat, explains the sitch, T-Mix crafts awesome beat that sounds like digital cicadas, Kia skeptical, T-Mix explains the metaphor ("internet gangsters only come around every 17 years"), Song of the Year.

Song of the Year: Kia Shine, "Tech Game"