Video - Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Is Is: EP Video Component"

Holy shit, I finally like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again! After suffering through their intestine shredding Show Your Bones tour at the Paramount Theater in Seattle America on April 26 2006 and absorbing the unnerving impact of YYYs foul contribution "Sealings" to the hideous SpiderMan 3 flick, the ink was all but dry on my Dear John letter to the artsy trio from New York City as I clearly had one flip flopped foot out the door. But then, thanks to the magic of time travel and ingenuity of wise profiteering, a flashback of pristine tracks from YYYs appeared in the form of Is Is, an audio revitalizer which thankfully resurrected my withered admiration from the land of the dead with a tantalizing jolt of 10,000 volts to both the left and right nad.

Erin Chandler recently reviewed the very underground Is Is EP, produced by PIL-popper Nick Launay and released on July 24 via the Dress Up imprint, and after surrendering my best sense to the record, salt water tears leaped from my stoned-red eyes as blissful slideshows of the band's early marriage to Touch And Go(Master) alluringly twittered back onto my radar screen. Hooray for these "old" keepers which were recorded when the band was deadlier than an Indonesian Tsunami, during the Fever To Tell tour of 2004 which heads can always remember thanks to the splendid capture of the uncontrollable San Francisco stint by Lester Bangs and Karen-O's sometimes boytoy Spike Jonze on the DVD Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently told Billboard that they are working on the follow up to Bones and will continue to promote Is Is on various US dates, including Lollapalooza in Chicago next weekend. YYYs performed "Down Boy" on the Late Show with David Letterman last week, which caused such a spark in the crotch of the gap-toothed crazy man from Indiana that he gleefully declared "wow I really liked that" before grabbing Karen-O's hand and refusing to ever let go. Smart move Letterman.

I wanted to post that blood-curdling rendition of "Down Boy" from the Late Show but the goddamn powers that be have prevented it from landing safely on YouTube for our global viewing pleasure. But, with a heavy stress on BUT, I was able to find infectious videos of all 5 soul-scorching songs from the poignant dose of cutthroat romance known as Is Is, taped in night vision by KK Barrett and Lance Bangs in Brooklyn New York City 2007. Enjoy.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Is Is EP Video Component

"Rockers To Swallow"

"Down Boy"

"Kiss Kiss"

"Is Is"


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Video - Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Is Is: EP Video Component"