Working For A Nuclear Free City Sets US Release

Last year we reviewed an amazing release from Manchester's Working For A Nuclear Free City. We are happy to say that the band finally secured a US deal through Deaf Dumb & Blind Communications, the same people that brought you Fujiya & Miyagi and Foreign Islands. Their new double CD, Businessmen and Ghosts, will come out October 16.

Oh, and if you're wondering where their ridiculously long name came from, the band addresses the issue on their blog commenting:
"It was robbed of a Manchester City Council sign from the Cold War era. On entering the city the signs would read, Welcome To Manchester - Working For A Nuclear Free City. The signs were removed around 1999. Does that mean Manchester is 'Nuclear Free' or we're just not working for it anymore? Strange. We chose it probably because at the time everyone had short stupid names. This was before the mass proliferation of multi-syllable band names. I think they all copied us...What gets my goat is people think we're peace loving hippies, which we sincerely are not. They read the name completely wrong. It should be read as 'In the Employment' of a Nuclear Free City, that city being Manchester. However, it's usually taken as 'Campaigning for a...'; which someone even but on a poster once - but spelt campaigning wrong. Dickhead. So we're not CND, hippy, lefty-types. I would be quite happy if they pushed the button. It would mean I wouldn't have to pay my £300 gas bill. At several stages we have had doubts regarding the name as it's probably a bit of a hindrance to word-of-mouth publicity. It's pretty hard to remember a 9-syllable band name. Plus there's no good way of shortening it, although nuclear free city is ok. We have also been referred to as The Nukes, Working, Wufanfcuh, and other odd things... We are currently considering a change of name when we release the second record, but who knows...Please tell us if you like or hate our name to help in our pub arguments..."

CD One: Businessmen
01. "224th Day"
02. "Troubled Son"
03. "Dead Fingers Talking"
04. "Rocket"
05. "Kingdom"
06. "Sarah Dreams Of Summer"
07. "Apron Strings"
08. "All American Taste"
09. "Quiet Place"
10. "So"
11. "England Part 2"
12. "Over"
13. "Fallout"
14. "Forever"
15. "Stone Cold"

CD Two: Ghosts
01. "Eighty Eight"
02. "Donkey"
03. "Get A Fucking Haircut"
04. "Innocence"
05. "The Tree"
06. "The Tape"
07. "Asleep At The Wheel"
08. "England"
09. "Soft Touch"
10. "Pixilated Birds"
11. "Je Suis Le Vent"
12. "Nancy Adam Susan (Shatter)"
13. "Home"

Working For A Nuclear Free City


Working For A Nuclear Free City Sets US Release