Hunter S. Thompson's Wife Celebrates The Good Doctor In The Gonzo Way

Anita Thompson, widow of the late maverick journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, has written a book called The Gonzo Way: A Celebration of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson about the outlaw writer who took his own life in the war room of his fortified compound in Woody Creek Colorado at 5:45 p.m. on February 25, 2005. After Anita became Hunter's assistant in 1999, she moved into Owl Farm with the kingpin of Gonzo and in 2003 became Mrs. Hunter Thompson.

John Ensillin, a columnist for Denver's Rocky Mountain News calls The Gonzo Way: A Celebration of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson a "slim well-written tribute by Anita Thompson to her late husband," which "sadly leaves readers wanting more."

A quaint 96 pages, Anita Thompson's sentimental book only brushes the surface of Hunter's enigmatic suicide, which some continue to suspect was an act of murder by the government or mafia or some crazed acid head. Before his death, Hunter was close to opening what could have been the biggest and most dangerous vault of truth during his prolific lifetime, as it is well known that the good doctor had what is called "solid evidence" that the September 11, 2001 bombings were an inside job.

The Gonzo Way includes a bevy of praise of Hunter by his esteemed friends and peers such as writer P.J. O'Rourke, late CBS journalist and Hunter's Woody Creek neighbor Ed Bradley, and former US Senator George McGovern whom a young Thompson trailed relentlessly during the senator from South Dakota's presidential race against the humiliated crook Richard Nixon, which became the highly praised document Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972.

The Gonzo Way is one of many testaments of the counter culture super-author, which also includes Who Killed Hunter Thompson? by Warren Hinckle and The Joke's Over: Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, and Me by longtime collaborator and mindboggling artist Ralph Steadman.

Hunter Thompson, the Kentucky gentleman who would have turned 70-years old on July 18, will posthumously birth the third volume of relic letters and nostalgic ramblings titled The Mutineer: Rants, Ravings, and Missives from the Mountaintop 1977-2005 in 2008 via Simon & Schuster. Only time will tell when the movie version of The Rum Diary, starring Johnny Depp as a young, pre-Gonzo Thompson, in the main character role as fledgling Caribbean journalist Paul Kemp, will shine up on the silver screen.

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Hunter S. Thompson's Wife Celebrates The Good Doctor In The Gonzo Way