Shadows Rise

Autumn Tone Records has released, Shadows Rise, a reissue of Travel By Sea's 2006 self-release, in anticipation for their upcoming release, Days Of My Escape. Travel By Sea is the brainchild of Tustin, California's Kyle Kersten and Denver, Colorado's Brian Kraft. Every song on Shadows Rise is a whispered lament that at first listen, not reminiscent of past or present musicians. Rather, it reminded me of the sun going down on a hot summer night. It's sad and moody, hopeful and beautiful, and the subtleness of its first impression is not something to take lightly. There's a lot going on during the forty-five minutes of this record, and there's not much that should be missed.

If you really are looking for something to compare the album to, it sounds a little like Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts Of The Great Highway , one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorite track on Shadows Rise is "Still," which sounds like something off of Dylan's Time Out Of Mind. The sound on the album never deviates too far from itself, except for on "Can't Be Wrong," which makes the band sound like Neil Young in a really good mood trying to write a Lucero song.

If Shadows Rise is any indication of how Days Of My Escape is going to sound, be excited. It's not everyday that a band can take you out of your seat and transport you to a drive through the desert. Travel By Sea's soft and sweet brand of folk music is not to be missed. Get in your car, drive out to the Southwest, park your car, and put on this record. But bring some tissue to wipe away those tears.

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