STAR Announces A Few Upcoming Gigs

This past February (has it really been that long?) we were introduced to Chicago's shoegaze-tastic STAR. As a fan of old-school 4AD albums, this band's distorted guitars and ethereal female vocals were a total homerun.

As much as I've enjoyed their debut album, Devastator, I have really been itching to see them live. Unfortunately for me, they are coming nowhere near Austin. They are playing a handful of dates in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. This trio really needs to land a support gig so they can line-up a proper tour, so if somebody could help them out, I'd greatly appreciate it. For fans of Jesus And Mary Chain, Lush, My Bloody Valentine and Curve, make sure you attend one of STAR's upcoming shows if you are fortunate enough to be in one of the following cities.

Oh, and if you are in Chicago, they're playing a free show on Thursday at Quenchers (Fullerton @ Western). Just a little tip for ya!

08.02.07 - Chicago, IL (Quenchers - Free Show)
08.22.07 - Chicago, IL (Double Door)
08.31.07 - Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
10.20.07 - Kalamazoo, MI (Kraftbrau Brewery)


STAR Announces A Few Upcoming Gigs