New Supergrass Track Surfaces Online

Once again, we were lucky enough to begin our day with a newsletter in our inbox from the UK popsters Supergrass. Last time we heard from them, the band discussed the nearly completed status of their next full-length album. They also promised a free MP3 download of a brand new track, which has finally come true.

The song is a live version of the new tune, "Diamond Hoo Ha Man." Isn't a "hoo ha" a... well... nevermind. Of course we have already downloaded the track, and it shows that the lads have dropped the melancholy sound of Road To Rouen and are back to their normal rockin', sick guitar-lick selves. Welcome back Supergrass! You were missed!

To download the track, click the link below and fill out the registration form. It is worth it.

Supergrass Download Page

New Supergrass Track Surfaces Online