I Created Disco

I'll be honest; the first time I popped in the Calvin Harris album I was so put off I immediately wrote it off. After listening to WOXY continuously this week I kept hearing one song that had to be in their power rotation. The cut was Calvin Harris' "Acceptable In The 80's," and it was hard not to bob along and dance at my makeshift desk. I came to the conclusion that the first time I listened to the debut effort, I must have either been in a bad mood, or the mysterious pod people took over my body for a short amount of time unknowingly to me.

All this being said, Calvin Harris' I Created Disco is a promising release, one which frolics in some interesting genres. Ranging from the Justin Timberlake-esque (you know you love it) "Merry Making At My Place," to the sound du jour French dance "Colours." On "This Is Industry," Calvin belts out falsetto highs and pulsating disco beats for three minutes before melting seamlessly into "The Girls,". The Datarock-inspired track "Acceptable In The 80's" pops on next, and it still remains to be my jam. Yes, it also leaves me kicking myself that I was not a child born in the 80's. If I were, I would have love and hugs from Calvin.

I Created Disco runs a little on the long side, clocking in around fifty-five minutes. This is really only a problem if you are planning on putting the record on in full to have a dance party. You'll be worn out, hot and sweaty afterwards, not too different from going to a real disco. It's impressive to think that the 23-year-old created the whole album in his bedroom on an old Amiga computer. Who needs big budget studios and producers these days when you can make a release that sounds like this on your own? (Save your hate mail. There is still job security for you producers out there, we promise.)

"Acceptable In The 80's"

Calvin Harris
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I Created Disco