WTF Friday Clip - Showbiz Pizza Goes Gangsta

Although our younger readers may have never experienced the true greatness of Showbiz Pizza, these series of clips sure brought back memories to our own childhoods. There was something seriously rad about having a birthday party while watching the animatronic performance put on by The Rock-afire Explosion. The days of Billy Bob Brockali and his fellow robotic musicians have been long gone, but apparently a few people have been buying them up and installing them for their own personal (and kinda bizarre) use.

We found one such dude, who has filmed a series of clips and posted them on YouTube. Homeslice has programmed the Explosion to perform some modern tunes, such as Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty" and Fergie's "London Bridge." Were these characters always this creepy?

"Ms. New Booty"

"London Bridge"

WTF Friday Clip - Showbiz Pizza Goes Gangsta