Banging Down The Doors

If you checked the biological records of Bob Dylan, startling results would uncover the following: Jakob Dylan was a twin brother with another named Ezra who later changed his name to Furman after the wrinkly-voiced protest poet of the 60's loaded baby Ezra and baby guitar onto a Georgia Pacific freighter destined for Chicago during the intensified throes of an acid trip in New York City 1969. If your hazy eyes fail to find such, er, substantial evidence that Ezra is in fact a Dylan, then you might just imagine the Chicago singer/songwriter/street-star-iconoclast Ezra Furman as the erotically stunning sound of The Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano and The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle receiving simultaneous prostate exams from Old Doctor Lubefinger.

After slowly and sexily penetrating the Chicago underground as a "one man and guitar" act, Furman added The Harpoons to sharpen his amusing arsenal of sound, further amplifying his personal preaches into polished sermons. Yes, and the band is loved by legions of college kids across the country, mainly young fuck ups at Tufts University near Boston, where girls already have Ezra tattooed on their freshman fifteen asses, as the dudes proudly wear homemade t-shirts stenciled with this crude declaration: Touch Me I'm a Poonhead!

Though it may ride the same crazed lightning of a punk album, flipping out like a politico Ted Leo or sticking out like an odd Pavement haircut, the Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) produced debut on Minty Fresh entitled Banging Down The Doors is a 13-song all nighter with full kegs of free beer that will give everyone at the party reinforcement to not kill themselves.

Furman's fantastic lyrics are dripping with untainted imagination and creativity for a deadly grind of wit and romance. The portraits which Furman gloriously brush with his endless pallet of style feel as if penned by a maniacal drifter of the night, a mysterious hitcher capable of removing a driver's thumping heart from of their wanting body with a guitar for a cleaver and a smile on his face. There is an overflowing cascade of innocent-sinisterism gushing from every pore of this permanent importance named Ezra Furman, innocent-sinisterism indeed.

With their powerful agility to excite and elate Ezra Furman and the Harpoons are a strange outfit like Yo La Tengo or The Decemberists who are favorably leading the striking new revolt of pop-folk-rock that would have been owned by Chris Carrabba had the slick haired scud not sold his soul to Interscope.

"I Wanna Be Ignored" has the spritzy carbonation that makes schnozes sneeze and snort in a momentary reaction to a split-second chemical reaction like a popped can of ice cold soda."God Is A Middle Aged Woman" is nothing shy of genius, I mean, even though Ezra is a man. With plenty of choice sentences to highlight, this sad and sordid sliver of bliss found on "I Wanna Be A Sheep" left me shivering: "I don't want to drool any more blood on your shirt."

Banging Down The Doors is a groundbreaking building made from recycled parts of discarded folk singers with balls of old Chicago brick, an album sure to make the pretty teeth inside the offices at Minty Fresh that much brighter. Finally something with guts and fire!

While Ezra Weston Loomis Pound continues to leave his Modernist words forever encapsulated beneath the printed black ink of history while pushing daisies in the San Michele Cemetery on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy, Ezra Furman will stand strong and unopposed as the rising voice of the Chicago city streets which berthed such spastic majesties as Billy Corgan, Wesley Willis, Steve Albini, Thax Douglas, Dorian Taj, & Harry Caray.

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Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
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Banging Down The Doors