Free Live Downloads From The Charlatans UK

We like free music, and we definitely like The Charlatans UK, so this is a match made in heaven! The British band is giving away tracks that they recorded during a live performance at the Delamere Forest in Cheshire this past June.

According to XFM, they have broken up the downloads into groups of four, which will be available for two weeks. Once the tracks spend their two weeks on the band's site, they're taken down. We're quite happy to see a few classics that will be offered, including "Weirdo" and "North Country Boy." Here is the schedule of the downloads. Get 'em while you can!

Part One - Available July 30 to August 13
"Nine Acre Court"
"How High"
"Blackened Blue Eyes"
"Love Is The Key"

Part Two - Available August 6 to August 20
"The Architect"
"The Blind Stagger"

Part Three - Available August 13 to August 27
"Can't Get Out Of Bed"
"Just When You're Thinking Things Over"
"My Beautiful Friend"

Part Four - Available August 20 to September 3
"One To Another"
"The Only One I Know"
"Try Again Today"
"You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty"

Part Five - Available August 27 to September 10
"North Country Boy"
"Sproston Green"

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Free Live Downloads From The Charlatans UK