Lily Allen Battles With US Immigration

If you were hoping to catch Lily Allen here in the US this September, you might be out of luck. It seems that Ms. Allen had a bit of a problem at LAX on Sunday, and US immigration has yanked her visa. Uh oh.

The Mirror has some interesting details, claming that she was held for five hours at the Los Angeles airport, locked in a cell and even strip-searched. Cuz you know, Lily might have been packing heat.

So why the immigration freak-out? NME claims it was due to her London arrest last March with a supposed rumble with a photographer.

After doing a little hunting around on the web, we found some bits on Channel 4's website, that included a quote from her spokesperson. It reads: "Lily was questioned and her work visa was revoked. She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it."

We figured the whole strip search thing was a bit ridiculous, unless immigration just wanted to see her third nipple.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen Battles With US Immigration