The Hourly Radio Pen New Tunes

We've been tracking Dallas' Hourly Radio for a while now, and have watched the guys grow into touring machines. The band is currently working on a few new tunes, and if we are lucky, they will post them on their MySpace profile soon so we can give them a spin. They are also working on a new fall tour. Peep the message from the band below, and get those smog machines runnin'!

So new songs... yes... we've written a few and excited to share them with you. We spent last Wed night in the studio working on demos for 4 of them. 2 of them you may of heard a version of if you saw us on the last tour and the other 2 are brand new and never played live (yet). If you're all good, and we can do it with out the suits noticing maybe we'll post a couple of the demos on myspace in the next week or so?? Shhhh!! You'll have to be quick cause they won't be up long and one or two may still be untitled so we may need your help in that department. One of the songs we are working on is for a project that we are very excited about, the soundtrack to the new Sparrow Hall story Two Blue Wolves... a soundtrack to literature you say?!?!?! We think it's quite a novel idea (pardon the pun) and the story is amazing. It will be a whole multimedia experience of literature, music, art, video, etc... Also contributing to the soundtrack are our friends and members of Elefant, Stellastarr as well as The Kiss Off and many more... visit for more info on that. I know tour section looks pretty empty right now but trust us we are busy mapquesting and booking rooms at the red roof inns all across the country and will be posting a whole slew of tour dates for Sept & October in the next couple weeks.

The Hourly Radio

The Hourly Radio Pen New Tunes