Lose All Time

Ever since we got our hands on a couple of (legal) MP3s from You Say Party! We Say Die!'s upcoming sophomore long player, Lose All Time, we've been salivating in anticipation of more dance-punk greatness from these Canadians. Well, we finally got the whole album, and it does not disappoint.

This Vancouver based group gets things rolling with a synthy, rumbly intro into "Five Year Plan," which nearly causes your eardrums to explode once the angular guitars and organ kicks in. This is the type of shit that should send a dance floor into absolute chaos, with a manic zombie-rock feel and the sultry rock vocals of lead vocalist Becky Ninkovic. For those still weeping over the end of Pretty Girls Make Graves, meet your new favorite band.

The madness continues at lightening speed, blazing through pogo-inspiring numbers such as "Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!" and "Opportunity." Although you won't be catching your breath on "Monster," it is a bit less rambunctious and much more melodic than the previous tracks thus far on the album. Ninkovic's vocal harmonies shine through the chorus, showing that YSPWSD does have a slightly softer, poppier side. In an ideal world, where radio didn't suck so badly, this could be a hit.

Now that the band got a bit of seriousness out of their system, the explode back into danceable goodness with "Like I Give A Care" and the synth-tastic "Moon." The double-time drumming and yelping vocals help push this band up into the realm of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Wow, how about a battle between Becky Ninkovic and Karen O. Now that could be some serious entertainment. Hey Pay Per View, if you set that one up, I demand a finder's fee for that idea.

With a title like "Dancefloor Destroyer," one might expect a blazing, sweaty, boogie-inducing track that would send the kids wild. This just happens to be the complete opposite, and is one of the most stunning moments on Lose All Time. Ninkovic goes all Tori Amos on us, featuring nothing more than her toned-down, delicate vocals backed by a slowly swelling piano progression.

You Say Party! We Say Die! will easily make quite a mark with Lose All Time. What they've done is nothing new, but their blend of indie rock, dance-punk and pop is very well crafted and makes for a mighty good time. With an album this strong, I'd love to see them live. Unfortunately, unless Stephen O'Shea is no longer banned from the US, the album will just have to do.

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