Portishead Officially One Week Away From Mixing

We were beginning to think that the release of Portishead's third studio album was a mirage like a lake in a desert, but over the weekend Geoff Barrow posted a message on their MySpace page that made us think otherwise. Well, either that or they are incredibly good at leading us on. Let's hope it's the first option.

After spewing out some fighting words about Mark Ronson, the Portishead member let us know that they are a week away from mixing the new album and have some new acts for ATP. Let the countdown begin!


first off mark fukin ronson

i think it takes a amazing talent to turn decent songs into shit funky supermarket muzak

i also heard hes remixing dylan.......some music industry tit thinks it needs remixing.

you would think he would have the respect to say no to the job, obviously not.

whats the bets on the bob marley and nirvana next!!

anyways enought of that

were about a week away from mixing ...`gulp`

also we have booked jerry sadowitz for ATP and hopefully we will be able to bring some more people next few weeks who im really fukin excited about.

bye for now

geoff {P}



Portishead Officially One Week Away From Mixing